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Job Responsibilities & Requirements

1. With at least 5 years related working experience;

2. Capture unique design concept and possess innovation spirit;

3. Being able to articulate design concept clearly;

4. Master all-around professional skills;

5. Strong sense of business confidentialities.


Financial Accountant

Job Responsibilities & Requirements

1.     With at least 3 years experience;

2.     Be prudent and dependable at work;

3.     Master all sorts of skills relating to accountancy, statistics and finance field;

4.     Strong sense of teamwork spirit.



Job Responsibilities & Requirements

1.     With at least 3 years related working experience;

2.     English proficiency: CET 6 or higher;

3.     Be patient and prudent with work;

4.     Be competent in dealing with all sorts of trading documentary;

5.     Strong sense of teamwork spirit.


Board Secretary

Job Responsibilities & Requirements

1.     Possess sound and dedicated work ethic;

2.     With secretarial work experience for 3 years;

3.     Be competent in scheming, planning and implementation;

4.     Flexible communication skills with directors and colleagues;

5.     Have great tact in coping with problems at various occasions;

6.     Have good abilities of perception, analysis and communication;

7.     Be good at dealing with the working relationships and interpersonal relationships without violation of the basic principles;

8.     Continuously improve the ability of work and conduct cultivation;

9.     Respect colleagues and take social responsibility;  

10.   Actively obey all sorts of obligations and arrangements and adapt to business trip well;


All of positions above require the undergraduate academic diploma or above.


Please contact us through following informaiton.
HR: Ms. Danielle Chen 
E-mail: info@amoycrafts.com
TEL: 0086-592-5214086

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